Skin Glow Herbal Tea (30 TeaBags)

Rs. 499
HOW TO CLEANSE & REJUVENATE- Your Skin Will Love This Herbal Infusion, Which Helps Rejuvenate You From The Inside Out. Allow Your Body To Rid Itself Of Toxins That Have Been Building Up For Years. Helping To Promote Healthy, Clear Radiant Skin Naturally.
DELICIOUS TASTING TEA- Light and Refreshing Blend Of Ancient scientific Ayurvedic Organic Herbs With Green Tea, Skin Glow Tea Is The Ultimate Way To Nourish and Fortify Your Skin. Made From Only The Best 100% Skin-Friendly Natural Ingredients.
GET HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN- Antioxidant-Rich Green and White Tea Blend With Minerals That Will Detox and Nourish Your Skin Cells. Specifically Formulated To Fortify The Skin and Help Sustain Health and Hydration. Helps Get Rid of Acne Issues. 
STEP OUT WITH CONFIDENCE- Drink our curated Skin Glow Tea which Will Leave You Feeling Clean, Hydrated and Refreshed Ready To Step Out With Confidence. Drink Tea Be Happy.
INGREDIENTS- Green Tea, Lemon Peel, Dried Aloe Vera, Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha, Rose, Cardamom, Rock Salt, Sea Buckthorn, Honey, Stevia Leaves & Orange Peel.


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