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White Tea Ayurvedic Chai

White Tea Ayurvedic Chai White Tea Ayurvedic Chai White Tea Ayurvedic Chai White Tea Ayurvedic Chai White Tea Ayurvedic Chai
Celebrate Good Health.
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White Tea Ayurvedic Chai is an Anti-Oxidant powerhouse. This blend ensures you not only tasty & delicious tea but a handful of health benefits which cannot be missed while drinking TeaRaja's Tea. This is an Aromatic & Flavorful daily drink which help to flush out toxins in the body and help revive up the metabolism.
White Tea leaves are processed only minimally after they are harvested. They hold onto most of their naturally occurring anti-oxidants.  It's our passion to ensure you enjoy the tea along with maintaining health in the long run. Wish you Happy Tea Days, Drink Healthy Live Healthy.
ABOUT THE TEA: White Tea Ayurvedic Chai is probably the most healthiest Tea available on Earth. Every day at Tearaja our motto is to make your life easy using Ancient Indian Ayurveda.
HEALTH BENEFITS : Energiser, Feel yourself full of energy by drinking this tea on a daily basis, Helps BOOST METABOLISM, Helps in WEIGHT LOSS, Helps in Controlling STOMACH BLOAT, Helps cure STOMACH DISORDERS, Helps to get relief from NAUSEA & VOMITING, Helps in getting relief from ASTHMA, Helps in managing DIABETES, Helps MAINTAIN YOUTHFUL & HEALTHY SKIN.
INGREDIENTS: The ingredients include herbs such as Clove, Orange peel, Liquorice, Shatavari, Ginger, Almond, Fennel, Ginseng etc.are all known for helping to aid digestion.
TASTE: The Tea tastes dry with notes of pineapple & mango. Makes it a delicious blend & a perfect cup of tea for you every day.
Try out our Ayurvedic White Tea to spice up your tea intake. Celebrate good health by increasing the intake of white tea today.
LEGAL DISCRIMINATION: The Tea is not meant to cure or treat any illness or disease. Please have it at your own responsibility. Please check for allergen advice if any.