Silver Needle White Tea 30 Tea Bags

Rs. 399 Rs. 599

A Premium & Classy White Tea from Darjeeling, With Characteristics of Light Floral & Smooth Texture Making it a Delight That Any Tea Lover will Enjoy. Silver Needle White Tea is Rich in Anti-Oxidants and is Renowned for its Wide Range of Health Benefits.

Fine & Fresh, This Silver Needle White Tea From Darjeeling is a Magnificent Tea for Everyone. Its Super Smooth texture of the Liquor is Ideal to Refresh You With its Amazing High Quality and Unique Aroma. It Has a Refreshing and Naturally Sweet Taste.

Silver Needle White Tea is An Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse. Because White Tea Leaves are Processed Only Minimally After They are Harvested, They Hold onto Most of Their Naturally Occurring Anti-Oxidants

You Will Love This Tea For Its Sweet Complexity And its Smooth, Well-Rounded Quality.

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